Monday, November 29, 2010

Buy Local-Buy Handmade

I am going to adhere to this philosophy as much as possible this Christmas and from here on out! I just feel like so many good things could come out of it, how could we ignore this great idea!

Of course I have & will support Lands End, since it is my employer, and a Wisconsin based company and LE has so many wonderful things to offer!

I also have to support someplace for electronics, as we will be upgrading to the 21st century, now that a decade is almost over:( Not sure who to give this business to, since I don't know of any mom & pop local Nintendo stores. I am always inclined to give my business to Shopko since it is a Wisconsin based company, or Target, another midwest fave.

I have a couple of gifts ordered from a very talented lady, & making a few myself.
So a shopping I will do, and baking and decorating too! Happy Cyber shopping week!


Janell V said...

your blog looks great !!! I love that photo of Jurnee and it made me miss her lots. I can still hear her voice saying "Aunt Janell".
Love you all....

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey you!!How's it going over here? I love that photo!!!!!!! Precious!!

Amanda said...

There's a game store that is locally owned called Gaming Generations over by Rocky Roccocos!
Ps - I still really want one of those button rings you make. Do you sell them on Etsy or can I get one in person?
Miss you!!


emmanuel said...

Nice blog! I agree on what you said. That's also the reason why whenever I get back home, i check out marketplace to buy local stuff. When i go to different places I do that too. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Marketplace to buy local