Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy around here!

Tie-dye has always been a favorite of mine...My appreciation for beautiful fabric, and colors, and color combinations I declare all blessings...truly:)

Lousy pics of the button rings I have been working on...but they sure are fun...I have 18 of them finished! Fun project to share with Jurnee too!
I work a ton this week, so I will be lucky to get much finished, I have a few pillows in the works I plan to share soon!


Angie said...

I just tye dyed my first shirt last week for our parish Vacation Bible School. It was fun!

Neat rings, too.

Thought of you as we were in Amherst last weekend camping in a friend's field. Glad to hear the summer is going well.

Jenny said...

your tie dye square is so unique and cool! I like it alot!

Thanks for commenting on my post....I am glad I was able to help encourage you to keep working on this project. It sure has been fun for me!

And how nice to meet new friends through it too!

Faith said...

Pretty square!

I like tie dye sometimes, but have never done it myself. Someday ... maybe.

The rings are interesting. Buttons can really be so pretty. I have often thought of how I might make earrings, but never rings.

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