Tuesday, May 11, 2010

See what I did this weekend?

You may or may not know I live down the road from Herrschners craft supply business. Mostly known for their stitching and yarn selections, it is my favorite go to place in town for fabric, threads, yarn and other stuff. Anyway, I have been doing a little bit of work for them for their catalog samples. The project above is a stamped cross stitch table runner, and I did it this weekend. I didn't get a real good photo, but you get the gist of the amount of work here. My left hand aches from holding the hoop! ( My stretcher is currently holding my tree of life cross stitch.)
Anyway, whew, that is done! Now I can work on some more cuffs, birds, pillows, wedding gifts, and the Blessings Sampler I spoke of in the last post, which brings me to share that I am NOT going to be hosting another blog for that project. Even though it was suggested, I think I will just post here. I will be back tomorrow with a Sampler update!

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