Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blessings update & Soccer girls

This blessing is Sisters I have 3 of them, Janell is a bit younger than me, and we have so many fond memories of growing up together, she is a great friend and we consult each other on most things! Gigi & Kate were born when I was in High School. They are such blessings in all of our lives. What fun it was to see them grow up from beginning on! What would life be like without them?

This tree represents the beautiful spring we are having! I feel blessed to be able to enjoy 4 full seasons a year! And spring particularly is such an uplifting time in life!

Jurnee and her friends at soccer last week! She is really enjoying the last weeks of 1st grade! Side note, this very field one week prior had 2" of snow on it and the game was canceled! Only in Wisconsin!


Janell V said...

Awe sweet, Much love Dawn! Your sister, Janell

creation said...
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creation said...

hi ,
I like your blessing blocks,all of them .specially the sister one ,we are 3 sisters too.
I have also taken part in this stitch along and look forward to see your rest of the blocks.
please do visit my place some time.
happy stitching

[removed previous comment ....bcoz of lot miss typing]

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Dawn! Love your squares so far!.. especially that coffee one! I'm an addict too, but in this HEATWAVE we're having right now, it's in a tall glass, with LOTS of ice!! Love the Christmas Tablerunner I saw a couple posts past, and your girls are adorable in their bendaroo glasses!! (0; Nice to meet you! ~tina

Paula said...

How have I missed your blessings? I thought I had found everyone.

Now, that you are found (bet you didn't know you were lost?) I am following every post you make.

:o} paula