Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have been a blogging slacker:(

Last night while I was waiting for Jurnee to get ready for bed, I picked up a book I am reading and before I knew it, Sophia had designed paperdoll dresses of her own! NO PROMPTING from me!!!! I cannot wait until this girl is old enough to sew something really proud mom moment for me!

Minnehaha Falls with the girls while visiting Aunt Janell, very beautiful weather!

Jurnee was so excited to ride the light rail train to the park, I think city living might suit her, funny I always thought it would be farm life for Jurnee!

If you are interested, the Tomorrow River Gallery and Gifts is now open, and she has some fabulous things featured. Particularly Jeanne Weymouth and Randy Claussen! Also some great gifts too some from dawn kristine also!

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