Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Not sure what I think of garment crochet...I would love to master it, but I just am not sure about this one. Partially because the pattern is written strangely. But I will go with my gut instinct and keep on keeping on!
Little cuffs for the girls!

Many know that I used to own a gift/flower/ interior design business. I think it is in my blood to do something like that though I am not really interested in that venue again. This intrigues me (well not the booze, just the concept!) Go check out MAKE DO MEND. I am so inspired!! Let me know what you think!


Jen Kim said...

your crochet project looks nice, i think i have the same yarn. really pretty color, but it's so thin it sort of hurts my fingers sometimes ;-) and those cuffs are very cute.

Chris said...

Hi Dawn, You can find my Internet fabric store at www.dyecandy.Etsy.com (blog: dyecandy.blogspot.com) I sell at quilt shows and at a quilt retreat in Hillpoint (1 hour west of Madison near Plain). I will be staying at the retreat with my mom tomorrow night through Monday morning if you feel like taking a drive. Contact me directly through the e-mail on my blogger profile page.