Friday, February 12, 2010

Catching up

Jurnee had a really fun Valentine's party on Tuesday! She is a little over the top with excitement of Valentine's day, that and cabin fever, and she is just flitting around here like she has no direction. Today I told her it was cold out, so she needed to wear leggings with her skirt. She replied, (with arms crossed) "I am so mad at those Ground Hogs!"

Kind of a lousy photo, but I put a sheer canopy above Jurnee's bed, and it looks really cute!
I have been working hard on many of my projects, but the cuff above is one of my latest ventures. I might make some kits for these to be sold. Mostly embroidery, not so much embellishment, though I enjoy the one above.
The hex-granny will be done with about 1 more hour of work...woo hoo! I got distracted doing it last night watching Project Runway.

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Becky said...

Those darn ground hogs! Hey, seriously, you have taken it up a notch. Cuffs are sweet. Love the kit idea. Keep goin'! All that work in that blanket, too! Love the colors. Wow. Once again. Inspired by Dawn. In my craft world, you rock!