Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rusty and his girls-

First a little of my finished work-

These and much more can be found at the Tomorrow River Gallery and Gifts in Amherst Wisconsin. If you are local and able, this is great place full of local treasures! Great place to do some Christmas shopping!

Rusty came home today with his Bow-hunting buck, a nice sized 8-pointer, the girls are so proud of him! I am too, he LOVES this time of the year, and he has had a few unsuccessful bow hunting years of late! Besides the dead animal, I actually think this is my new favorite photo!


jen duncan said...

Hi Dawn! Good to hear from you. Glad you're busy creating and the girls are doing well. I hope to be not so crazy busy keeping my grandkids fulltime very SOON! gah. I need some me-time! Take good care and enjoy the pending holiday season.

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for coming to visit my Barb's Treasures Blog.
I do hope my section on keeping it short in conversations with you husband will help. It has taken me almost 41 years to learn some of these things, and I hope by sharing it will not take others as long. =0))


barbara jean

Janell V said...

Great Creations! Love the family photo too- classic!
See you soon
Love the Vircks Family

Holly C. said...

Oh deer!

I have many pics of my daughter, my husband and dead deer too.

Such is the life of a wife of a hunter.