Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Craft store score & Birthday party happenings

Fuzzy Flip Flops from Grandma, don't they look so cute with her painted toes?

Silly string! The kids loved it!

My big 7 year old! She is learning so many new things! She lost her 6th tooth, she loves gymnastics and piano & gym class! And best of all, she is reading! Last night Jurnee read out loud solid to me for 30+ minutes. I am so excited to have a potential reader in the family.

In the past I have posted that I live near the craft supply warehouse Herrschners.
Yesterday I scored at an unadvertised sale. I got the two yards of Amy Butler fabric and all of the gadgets you see, including 2 crochet books for approximately $20. Woo Hoo! I love a deal! The fabric will be for Jurnee's bedroom window, so I have some work to do before daddy gets home in just 2 more nights. I have to get my craft on- I'll be back again soon!


Angie said...

Loving it Dawn! I bet time seems to fly...I know Kate has grown up so quickly already. Way to go on the deals! Can't wait to see your handy work.

Sandie said...

Wow, she's growing up so fast! And a reader?! Yay Jurnee! Wait until you are sharing books with her! Just started doing that with Sam. Now it's my mom, Sam and I passing books back and forth. I love it! Can't wait to include Ali! :-)

Janell V said...

Silly String! Had I known I would have been there for sure!

Love the photos. Thank you for sharing your family through your blog...

now what about that almost 41 year old? What is she going to do?

Love Janell

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love those little toes and the flip flops. I need me a pair of those.
Great deal at the craft store.