Saturday, February 28, 2009

Long time no post

Thinking that I haven't posted for awhile, reminds me that I have not taken my camera with me too often this week, or last. I have painted my kitchen, I will post that after the photos are taken. Met with my book club ladies...good fun just read The Shack, and now working on 90 Minutes in Heaven. I have caught the reading bug lately, I just finished Animal, Vegetable Miracle, thoughtfully loaned to me by my sister. I liked it ok. Now I am working on Eat, Pray, Love So far not sure about this one. I also need to finish Wild Swans.

Rusty is working on his Wisconsin Hunters United meetings and what I call "kibitzing" he has been laid off this week again. Times are tough out there! But all in all it has been a good week. Rusty and I have discussed many topics, and we love to debate politics, religion, marriage issues, parenting, friendships and of course house projects. (We have many of them!)

Taa taa for now!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

My oh my what a beautiful dress you have on. lolol
Sorry about the job lay off. Seems it's going around. Hang in there!