Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Day like snow day...but different...

So, In Wisconsin when it is -18 degrees without "windchill factor" there is no school. So we had pancakes and now the day is ahead of us. At least the sun is shining, the kitchen is sunny and feels unusually warm, but it will only last an hour or so then the sun will move on. But nonetheless, it is somewhat enjoyable.

Sophia's birthday came and went in a flash...we were all sick with a nasty cold, so we changed the party to next Sunday. She did get a donut with a candle and a present from Jurnee.. Also Aunt Janell sent this cute t-shirt from Etsy of am I glad I introduced her to that place! Anyway, the shirt was crafted by RockaBye Retro. We love it, especially Sophia.

Craft projects and a new header coming soon!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!! Love that donut cake with the candle.
Love those snow days!!! Or cold days!!!!! Or no school days!!!!!! Well you get the picture.

Janell V said...

Glad you like the shirt. Wish I could have been with you to celebrate!!
Stay warm. See you soon!
love Janell