Thursday, September 04, 2008

School & Crafting

Being the ditz I am, I lost all of the first school morning photos on my camera. I did however keep this photo of Jurnee the night she brought her school supplies and met her teacher. She was so ready! Rusty and I are so excited for her, we can hardly stand it! She sits at a table with all boys, and loves lunch. What else can we ask of our kindergartener?

My cupcake swap package before I sent it, actually, I guess it is even before I finished the towel with rick-rack! A Potholder, a pincushion ( before I finished it) a homemade cupcake ( I used not to eat it!) and a cute little key cover I found here.
I have quite a bit of progress on the crazy quilt project, but man, does my photography need help! In other words, much better in person!


jen duncan said...

Jurnee is so cute! I'm glad she's happy with school. I'm still waiting for my cupcake stuff from Australia! :-)

Miss 376 said...

The cup cake swap looks delicious. I am sure it will be very well received

Doe said...

Jurnee is growing up so fast. Love being in school when I was her age besides lunch break was the all time favorite subject right next to nap time. LOL!

Geez, I can't believe I missed an awesome swap. Love what you made for your partner. I almost forgot to come back after reading her post. I got lost in all the bloggy links.

I can't wait to see you finish your crazy quilt. Will there be an embroidered spider on the quilt? You know for Halloween block or something Fall-ish. Can't wait!

Jessica Howley said...

Great to talk with you today! Miss you so so much! Can't believe Jurnee is growing up without me makes my heart sad :( Miss you so much! Love the blog! Lets try to get together before our birthdays.....I am so proud of you for getting that job that should be sweet!! Hope all is well and miss you..GO PACK GO!! I couldn't resist forever! I am finally a true Wisconsinite...Rogers love him...miss Favre though

LOve on a Monday


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Nice cupcake stuff there. And what a cute photo of Jurnee. She is just the cutest.