Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long overdue post!

I have many excuses for not frequently posting, but the migraines have been the most common reason. I am absolutely down for the count when they come on. Hopefully today will be pain free. The sun is shining, and the snow is almost melted completely, so spring must be coming!

The stitchette above is my final embroidery for Sophia's quilt. It is coming together great, and I am excited to post the result when it is finished. I am now wondering what I was thinking doing embroidery on fabric that I had limited quantity of, on my first full-sized quilt. Any mistakes and I am #$*!@#$. But it is almost finished and I will be happy for that. I will be sending it out however for machine quilting. Just cannot take the chance on messing it up.

I feel compelled to direct you here since I am a huge fan and I have much to say on the subject.

Since I used the Stitchettes and purchased every one of them and have used them not for resale as stated on the package insert. When someone is as talented as Hilary Lang and has a nice little business going on, I think supporting her is great. Can I get "more" embroidery patterns than 4 for $12? Yes I can, could I draw a figure of a kid myself? Probably. But my view on this blogging-crafter-artisan-for profit-for fun-for hobby is this:

The bloggers who include a business within the blog or at the very least promote their creations deserve some serious respect. These folks put an extraordinary amount of time and effort to create, produce and market their great products. I get some fabulous ideas from some blogs promoting ideas just as I do from magazines or websites or tv or whatever. But I do give credit where it is due. If it truly is my own idea...well then I will toot my horn.

What has obviously happened to Hillary Lang is just horrible and I credit her for not outsourcing her stitchettes and wee make-a-long kits. What I value is that I can buy from a credible source, hand made for me. I've been to China...some of the manufacturing issues aren't pretty, and it isn't just China. Support whenever possible handmade and of course the small business, it will not only be supporting someone else (personally), but make you feel like you are contributing to something "good."

This could happen to anyone. I think it was an incredible injustice and it makes me want to support the small business all the more. And I hope you will join me too!

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Doe said...

That is so adorable!!!
I just cannot believe the nerve of that company. That is a total rip-off! I feel so sorry for Hilary Lang.