Monday, March 31, 2008


So, please keep in mind that these photos are yes, with Jurnee's camera and fluorescent lighting!
Doe was asking if I will actually get the quilt top finished by the date planned, TODAY. Well, no, I guess not. I am caught up with cutting, and sewing, but the embroidery is holding me up at the moment. I love the Pattern Bee Apple Tree design from the freebee transfer 2007 collection. Since I have the flall, winter and spring stitchettes embroidered for the quilt I decided to embroider the Wee Wonderfuls Summer Stitchettes after all...So I am patiently waiting for them.
I really like how it is turning out, I have the quilt pinned up to my "project wall" and I am pleased with the embroideries especially. And the color selections. I pained over the pink floral and am overall pleased at how it works! So Doe, here is my progress.

Also, I have my kitchen painting done and am thinking of what to do with the window treatments. I have realized that what I have has been up 5.5 years, and 5 years too long for this previous designer. I took a photo, but I cannot even post that one.

I have the first coat of the hall paint on, now I will wait a few days and paint the stripes! I will photo that as soon as I can. ( Might have to get a camera.)


jen said...

Bravo Dawn! That's a wonderful quilt. So much work...whoever gets it will be one lucky girl! Looking forward to seeing the remodel, too!

Doe said...

Dawn, this quilt is amazing! Sophia is one lucky girl.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Fabulous! Beautiful work!!

kari & kijsa

Kim said...

What a great idea to use the Stitchettes in a quilt! I think they're cute, but couldn't think how I might use them. Adding this to my to-do list now--and thanks for the inspiration!