Monday, March 03, 2008

Checking in

Jurnee actually has been using her camera and I thought this photo on the left is definitely blog worthy. I just think it is very sweet as Sophia can be sometimes.

The banner is one of the remnants from Janell's baby shower. (She likes it simple) It went very well and she got some really nice things. I think she was a bit overwhelmed too but with a first baby for a 35 yr old, well, I was overwhelmed too. I think Jurnee joined us when I was a couple of weeks out from my 35th also. Best wishes to the soon to be mommy & daddy!

I have a bunch of projects going on and should be able to post some finished work this week. Sophia's quilt is coming along nicely too.


jen said...

What a sweet picture! Love the banner, too. :-)

Janell Vircks said...

Thanks for a wonderful shower Dawn! The new baby boy is going to have the best auntie Dawn ever!
Love Janell

dustydawn555 said...

The baby doll looks just like her..

Kari & Kijsa said...

Sweet photos! Love the banner! Come on over and leave this post (or another filled with spring fun!) link to share a bit of spring and wash away those winter blues!

kari & kijsa