Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pretty little Chubby Clutch...aka OWL Swap

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!! In fact, I have been planning to make a few of these, and now I can cross myself off of my list! Lori Marie is so creative! I got a chance to do some surfing last night and I am amazed at how much talent is out there! So many owls...hoo hoo!!! Thank you to Missy Ballance at Crafty Carnival for hosting.

I am on to so many other projects, pillows, Christmas trees, tree skirts and a few baby gifts. Did I tell you that I will be an aunt again? My sister Janell is expecting her first child and I am overflowing with joy for her and her husband Peter! This often crazy life of parenthood is so incredible, I am thrilled to share the joys and woes with her!

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