Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"D" is for paula "Deen"

So, today is packed full of stuff to do. I went to the farmer's market with Jurnee's class at school today. Now I am doing a little phone work, and catching up on blogging. I need to make a birthday cake for Rusty for bible study tonight, so I went to my trusty cookbook... and an undecorated thus far...Texas Sheet Cake. Never did that before, but Rusty will like it I think, we'll serve ice cream also.

I listed some more patterns on Etsy. I watched my friend Kari's children for a little while today. They are such nice boys. We swap children during the day for meetings, school activities, haircuts, sometimes even shopping. But it is nice to have another family to do that with. Next I will be going to watch a tennis match with my friend Jean, (I am not as social as it seems actually.) Then off to Bible study at 6. Whew, then I might be able to craft!!


Doe said...

I love Paula Deen and her show. I'm drooling right now just thinking about her food. Yummy! Rusty is so lucky!

lori marie said...

hi dawn! i have a little hooter for you, but i don't know where to send her and i can't seem to find your email anywhere...help!