Monday, March 19, 2007

So, it is like this...

My last few days have been ridiculously annoying. So here it is - I got some work I have been waiting for via e-mail...yeah!!!!!!!! ~~~ Couldn't get the files to print properly, had to check back with project manager, she re-emailed them to me. ~~~ I saved it for Saturday as I was exhausted from cussing at the computer!~~~ Saturday I woke up with a horrible cold, and I stayed in bed most of the day as I knew this week could be brutal and I cannot afford to be sick.~~~Sunday I got one of the two projects to print...YEAH!!!!!~~~The second of the two files was corrupt, and I went right to the source after a couple of hours of messing around with the computer...the file was re-sent, and I could get it on my computer...yeah...couldn't get the @#&%^%^* thing to print ALL Stinkin' day~~~Rusty is laughing because he HATES to see the computer for this reason, he goes to work and by the time he was down the driveway, the printing started...yeah...249 pages I don't think so, I ran out of ink at about page 55 or something~~~thankfully I can get started anyway, but man oh man. During these episodes, I got a cute shot of my Sophia. Here she is!

Did I mention that Cathy from CQ for Newbies is hosting an exciting swap, I must be in on it, I can hardly wait! Details to follow! I have been stitching a ton, and you know I love it!


Lisa said...

So sorry about your cold and your computer issues that is so not fun. But we sure had fun with you. The girls (and me) want to know when we can get together again. I know you are busy this week so maybe sometime soon. Let us know. Hope you are feeling better. Uhhh, we do have the same van btw. To funny and you were in marketing too? Weird


Cathy said...

It was so great having you in the CQ For Newbies Squishie Mingle! I just posted a small project, an sunglass case, that I create with some of the items I received from Julie. That was such a wonderful mingle! I love getting to know everyone and I'm happy it was fun for you!