Monday, February 26, 2007

So much for talking smart about living in Wisconsin and having no snow. I think it has been snowing non stop for days! 15" or so, but a little of it actually melted as it was coming down today. Pretty, and calming...everyone keeps saying we need the moisture for the spring. So be it.

Saturday we visited my mom and Jurnee had a date at Chucky Cheese for Drew's birthday. I just had to share the photos. Also the stitching is a pillow I made for my mom last year, I like it whenever I see it.

Tomorrow I will post my TAST and my applique project!


Melissa said...

OH wow! You did a great job on those butterflies they would take a LOT of hours!

NormaH said...

Love the butterfly pillow....... I have a great fondness for butterflies!