Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today we had our homestudy (post placement.) I guess I need MORE photos of Sophia. So I will start taking and blogging them again. But to remember to order them tomorrow when I have a little time. So here she is. A little more hair, and definitely more teeth than last time, (Though you cannot see them!)

My Take a stitch Tuesday is going well! I decided I wasn't happy with the Cretan stitch from last week, so I am exploring a little more and I am working on the chevron stitch for this week, I will post them when I am done. Where do the weeks go?

The new quilt shop in town is terrific! I joined the block of the month, it is a pretty traditional pattern, but 30s prints which are so enjoyable to work with! I have it ready to go, just need to stitch it together. Looks like Wisconsin will be below zero temps all weekend, so I will have plenty of time at my machine!

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