Monday, January 08, 2007

TAST or "Take a stitch Tuesday" Here is my rendition of elaborating on the herringbone stitch.

My photography is not very becoming, I need to be outside for great photos, and I forgot today and yesterday. I think I did much better than the photo...looking forward to the next challenge.


Susan said...

Your photography is fine - the seam is very clear, and what more could one ask? I quite like the seam, too. The addition of the beads and the lazy daisy stitches just makes such a complete design here.

mindji said...

I really like what you did. and the incorporation of beads is something that makes your project elaborate. This would make an excellent design for a bookmark. I hope that you continue your stitching...I'll be coming back Dawn. And your children are sweeties. As for not waking the second child when baby wakes at four....I'll think about it....I've already experienced that.